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The last 20 years have seen dramatic breakthroughs in knowledge on how the mind works and how to master our thinking to achieve major shifts in our lives. Advanced Thinking combines these major breakthroughs on how our minds work with the study of the mindset and behaviours of high achievers.

‘FREEDOM – The Power of Advanced Thinking’ is your complete guide to this fascinating and potentially life changing subject. It’s a two part programme, on a double CD – plus an online version for immediate access. It shows you how to start mastering your mind to help you:

  • Understand how your mind works
  • Deal with stress effectively
  • Choose how you feel and react to events and people instead of being at the mercy of those events and people
  • Achieve freedom from the past
  • Change unwanted behaviours
  • Become more self confident
  • Duplicate the success behaviours and thinking patterns of high achievers
  • Deal with adversity more effectively
  • Get clarity on what you want in life
  • Influence others more powerfully
  • Improve your relationships by understanding how your partner – or future partner thinks and functions
  • Deal with ‘difficult people’ more effectively
  • Improve your career prospects by understanding how to ‘Influence Upwards’
  • The latest Psychological tools for dealing with unpleasant memories
  • How to use the 80/20 Principle in your life
  • ‘Get out of your own way’ – Remove the mental obstacles to success
  • Understand what attracts – and repels people in relationships
  • How your beliefs and mindset can sabotage relationships – and what to do about it
  • Discover who you really are and get clear on what you want to do with your life
  • Become a more self confident communicator
  • Utilise the mind/body connection to help optimise health
  • Help others create change in their lives
  • Pass on this powerful knowledge to children and those you care about
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You will receive the double CD set in the post AND you will get immediate online access to the full recordings. This means you can also listen on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone – at your leisure.

You’ll get access to the online version within moments of confirming your order.

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Special Price: Just £29.95

Because courses and programmes on this subject are so powerful, they often cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. We’ve produced ‘FREEDOM – The Power of Advanced Thinking’ to introduce you to the subject at the special low introductory price of just £29.95.

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‘Freedom – The Power of Advanced Thinking’ comes with a 100% guarantee. Try it out and see for yourself if it contains some of the most important and powerful information you’ve ever come across. If at any point in the next year, you decide that Advanced Thinking has not had a profound impact on you, simply return it and we’ll give you a complete refund. No questions asked.

You are about to access some of the most important information on the planet and this is your guarantee that you will either find this valuable to you and your family – or you’ll get a full refund.

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