A Special Message from Chris Cardell

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you are an achiever and if you’re at all like me, you are always looking for the edge, always looking to make sure you know everything you need to enable you to maximise you effectiveness and fulfillment both as a person and as an Entrepreneur. If that’s you, I have some very important information for you.

Over the last few years there have been dramatic breakthroughs in knowledge on how our minds work – and how to duplicate the mindset and results of the world’s high achievers. I’ve been heavily involved in the world of ‘Advanced Thinking’ for two decades – I believe, quite simply, that it is the most important information on the planet. For anyone to go through life without this profound knowledge is, I believe, a tragic waste.

‘Breakthrough – The Power of Advanced Thinking’
16 – 18 September 2011 Central London

In September, I am presenting a unique, one off event, for a small group of individuals and Entrepreneurs, who want to master this material at the deepest level.

‘Breakthrough – The Power of Advanced Thinking’ is a three day Seminar which promises to be an extraordinary experience for those who attend.

What is Advanced Thinking?

Advanced Thinking offers us a Blueprint for both how our minds work - and how to duplicate the exceptional individuals who think and function radically differently from the norm.

You don’t need me to tell you how integral this issue is to your Entrepreneurial life. Mindset is everything. More specifically, mastering your mind, understanding how we all function and how to duplicate high achievement at a deep level, is the key to both financial freedom – and personal freedom.

Here’s what you will discover on this Exclusive Course:


I’ve never shared this material publicly before, there are no future courses scheduled, this event will NOT be recorded or filmed and will not be available in any format afterwards. It’s exclusively for those motivated enough to come and spend three days with me immersed in some of the most important information on the planet. At the time of writing, we’re 80% full, so confirm your place today to guarantee that you don’t miss out on this exclusive experience.

Who is This Course For?

While many people on the course are Entrepreneurs, this is much more than a business course. It’s for any individual who wants to master Advanced Thinking and apply it to the key areas of their live – both personal and professional.

Because of the power of this material, we strongly encourage you to bring colleagues – and if you’re in a relationship, bring your partner, whether or not they’re involved in your business.

(Please note, we encourage you to bring family members but this course is only for people aged over 16)

This is a personal three day Seminar with me and an invaluable experience for everyone who attends.

The full price of the course is £1700. .

Numbers are limited on this course and we’re 80% full. Confirm your place for this life-changing experience now: